Sunday, 21 September 2008

Video or it didn't happen

I've made a screencast to show some functionality that PubSubClient provides. Doesn't play in SWFDec at the moment, so you might have to use something like this. I accept Google Video's terms of use, but not YouTube's.

The video shows the Browser test application being used to find the nodes on a server and their sub-nodes, add and delete nodes, and add and remove node owners. I've been busy tonight, so that the display issues which cause me to close and reopen windows to show updates are fixed, I've got the Owners functionality working for Publishers and Outcasts too, and I'm mulling over a Subscriptions tab in the node properties (awkward since it may involve message stanzas, not just iq stanzas), generating the contents of the Metadata tab dynamically based on what's defined and changing the access model and other configuration options (awkward since it involves requesting, submitting and cancelling XMPP forms).

For now though, I'm getting tired so it'll have to wait.


Phil Wilson said...

It's possible I've found this too late (and I've not looked at your source yet), but did you look at Gajim's pubsub client library?

Gajim have forked xmppy (it seems abandoned to me) and implemented pubsub for it.

See (there's a cloned version of github which is easier on the eye here )

Phil Wilson said...

To clarify - I meant that xmppy seems abandoned since it hasn't received trunk updates in a number of years AFAIK.

Warbo said...

Sorry, I should have mentioned Gajim too, since I did look through the source of the pubsub implementation. However, I found it very inter-woven and therefore hard to find a starting point to get to grips with it through, and little easily findable examples of its usage :(

TBH, I've tried adding to Gajim in a non-pubsub way and still found it very confusing as to what is actually going on. That's not necessarily a bad point about Gajim, just that I'm not particularly fantastic at programming.

I do know a Summer of Code project has been working to make Gajim plugins a lot easier to create, which is always a good sign :)

Phil Wilson said...

Is there any chance of moving to github or providing a tarball? gitorious appears to be totally lame, and down more often than up!

Warbo said...


I'm not too savvy with regards to the whole code hosting thing. All I know is that I want to use something distributed (because a centralised system brings too many administration overheads like deciding write permissions and such), and I knew Gitorious existed.

I don't mind using Github instead though, since it was a toss-of-a-coin decision anyway.