Thursday, 18 October 2007

Free Software Society Get-together

Not a real meeting as such, not quite a release party, basically we're just having a bit of a meet up in BarOne. I'm currently downloading an Ubuntu 7.10 CD image, but it says it will take at least another 4 hours, which basically makes me unable to offer any written CDs of them :( I hope someone takes along a CD or a laptop with an image, then I should have no problem copying it (as long as my CD drive doesn't go all silly). I'll take along some Fedora and Debian CDs and stuff, so at least I'll be able to offer something.

Oh well... /listens to LUGRadio

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Bicubic Penis Enlargement

I'm sending this from the wonderous world of dialup Internets. Be Un Limited have awful customer service, I really mean it. I think I'm going to send them a letter by snail mail complaining about their email response, although knowing my luck the postage will be astronomical since it'll be to Bangalore. Which reminds me, I must post Loz's two sets of bike lock keys home...

In other business the FSS is running its own forum now (since MyFreeForum have policies which suck like a Dyson), and we should have a mailing list sooner rather than later if Billy from Access Space is able to help us set up the box I took down to be a server. Jake from Access Space is also really interested in the society which is cool, and James is enthusiastic like always.

My timetable for this year is much less harsh than last year (I don't even have any Physics labs this semester), which means I have more time free to advance the society, which has already had a ton of effort poured into it and we haven't even run our first meeting yet. Soon though....

Tuesday, 2 October 2007


I've probably misspelled that title, but oh well. I am currently jumping through a few rather hilariously unfortunate hoops, which is making my life full of trips to banks and less full of heavy drinking and partying.

I have, however, managed to categorise pretty much every idea on the Ubuntu IdeaPool Wiki page, it now just needs someone to go through removing redundant info (and adding those removals to the IdeaPoolHistory page), and to check for existing specs and things. I personally need to go back through a load of my edits and document each removal on the IdeaPoolHistory page (which I didn't know existed before).

My Programming in C course started today, which seems pretty good. I know that from a summer of teaching myself Python I'm going to get pissed off by semicolons and squiggly brackets :P C should be good to learn though, from a low-level and a speed perspective. The lecturer's nice (the guy who interviewed me on the Physics Department open day) and GCC is being used in the backend so there should be no problems getting my programs to run on Ubuntu.

I'm currently in Access Space (I thought James would be in today, but apparently he's not and he will be tomorrow. Yes Harriet, you were right :P ) so I thought I might as well add a blog entry. The place'll be closing soon, so I think I'll head straight to the Student Union and go to a Pagan Society metting (and hopefully suprise Harriet).

Oh well, got to go. Bye :)

PS: I need to file some user interface bugs for cash machines, some are just egregious.